A movie that truly lives up to its name. Kick-Ass is about Dave Lizewski, an average high school nerd who aspires to be something more than he is. He wonders why no one has tried to become a super hero and fight the crime that goes unnoticed. He wants to be better than the people who see someone getting mugged and just turn a shoulder; acting like nothing is happening. While trying to fight crime, Kick-Ass stumbles upon some true “superheroes”, Big Daddy and Hit Girl, and gets dragged into their scheme to take down Frank D’Amico.

Kick-Ass stars Aaron Johnson as Dave Lizewski. Johnson is a real unknown actor in the States (most people do not even know that he is British) and that might be what really made this work. A highly recognizable actor might have taken away from this persona. Johnson does get overshadowed in the movie though; the other characters just tend to take over the attention when they are on screen. Christopher Mintz-Plasse plays the hilarious Red Mist and the son of Frank D’Amico. Nicolas Cage plays Big Daddy, a gun loving father who dresses like Bat Man to fit crime along with his 12-or-so year old daughter Hit Girl, played by Chloe Moretz. Moretz truly steals the movie as the foul mouthed ass- kicker who tends to save the day and, well,  is a bit crazy.

One warning about this movie is that it is quite graphic. The trailers for this movie make it seem just like a fun, almost kiddie, movie. But it is borderline Tarantino film with its graphic content. But once prepared for the blood this movie is a fun-filled movie that has some amazing cinematography. A great watch for any movie-lover or super hero junkie!

Also, be prepared for a sequel.


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