Trailer Watch: Happiness Runs

This new trailer for Happiness Runs was just released a few days ago and states that it is based on a true story. The trailer begins by showing that the movie takes place in 1970 when  cults and communes with utopian ideals were springing up all over the country. The trailer is full of teen angst; those teenagers forced to grow up in their parents ideal “perfect world”, one full of drugs and sex. The main teenager, Victor seem to be realizing that the utopian hippie world that he is living in has many shortcomings. He, and many others, are becoming a “generation lost” amongst the times.

Not that much information about this movie is out yet. Release date is set for May 7, 2010 and is directed by Adam Sherman.

Watch the trailer below. WARNING: drugs and sex are shown or alluded to in the trailer.


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